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Anna FitzMaurice


I am a graduate student at Princeton University in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. I use statistical and dynamical modeling approaches to understand ice-ocean interactions in the Earth’s climate system. More generally, I am interested in polar oceanography and the cryosphere in the context of a changing climate.


FitzMaurice, A., Cenedese, C. and Straneo, F., 2017. Nonlinear response of iceberg side melting to ocean currents. Geophysical Research Letters.

FitzMaurice, A., Straneo, F., Cenedese, C. and Andres, M., 2016. Effect of a sheared flow on iceberg motion and melting. Geophysical Research Letters.

FitzMaurice, A., Morrison, A. K. and Hallberg, R., 2016, On the Relationship between Antarctic Sea Ice Extent and the Southern Ocean Overturning Circulation. Ocean Sciences 2016 Meeting (Poster).

FitzMaurice, A., Moon, W. and Wettlaufer, J., 2015, A Stochastic Approach to Examining the Seasonal Predictability of Arctic Sea Ice. GFD Program: Proceedings Volume 2015.

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